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US 350 U1 UC UC05    

Intr To Culture I   3.00   01/07/2019   02/09/2019   Web/On-line Course

Introduction to Culture, the anchor course for Stage Two, is a six-credit, two-semester, interdisciplinary course. It identifies key cities from a variety of historical periods and global areas, and studies their culture from the viewpoint of the humanities and the fine arts. The course is writing-intensive, and students actively pursue individual and group research. Introduction to Culture is taken prior to or concurrently with Stage Two satellite courses from four related areas: World Culture, Western Culture, American Culture, and Fine Arts (Aesthetic Response). A variety of courses identified as Ursuline Studies satellites in the humanities and fine arts departments may fulfill these area requirements: Art, English, Foreign Language, History, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Women's Studies. Students must select courses from at least three different departments to fulfill these requirements. Students must complete Stage Two requirements before beginning Stage Three.

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