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Security 440-449-4204

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Ursuline College440-449-4200
Academic Affairs440-646-8107
Academic Support Service440-449-2049
Admission Office440-449-4200
Alumnae Relations440-646-8375
Art Gallery (Wasmer)440-646-8121
Athletic Department440-646-8308
Bookstore, (Follett)440-449-5368
Business Office440-646-8310
Campus Ministry440-646-8327
Counseling and Career Center440-646-8324
Development Office440-646-8355
Facility Rentals440-646-6029
Financial Aid Office440-646-8309
Food Service (Metz)440-449-5258
Human Resources440-646-8316
Library (Ralph M. Besse)440-449-4202
Information Technology440-449-5842
Marketing Department440-646-8368
Multicultural Affairs Office440-684-6085
Pilla Student Learning Center Receptionist440-684-6511
President's Office440-646-8101
Registrar's Office440-646-8126
Residence Life440-646-8334
School of Arts & Sciences440-646-8111
School of Graduate & Professional Studies440-646-8120
Breen School of Nursing440-646-8166
Student Service Center (One Stop)440-646-8309
Student Success Center(URSA)440-449-2049
Ursuline Studies440-646-8110
V.P. for Academic Affairs440-646-8107
V.P. for Enrollment Management440-646-8108
V.P. for Facilities Operations & Management440-684-6029
V.P. for Finance & Chief Financial Officer440-646-8302
V.P. for Institutional Advancement440-646-8355
V.P. for Student Affairs and Dean of Students440-646-8320

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